Check Your Eligibility...

If you have taken a defensive driving program in the past, and you are not sure if you meet the 12 month eligibility requirement or not, you may validate your eligibility for the Defensive Driving program here. The ultimate responsibility for determining your eligibility rests with you. ACCURACY COUNTS!!

All of the information below must be entered to determine eligibility...

Enter your First Name as it appears on your driver license... First Name:

Enter your Last Name as it appears on your driver license... Last Name:

Enter your Date of Birth in the form mm/dd/yyyy... Date of Birth:

Enter the two letter abbreviation for your Driver License State, i.e., AZ for Arizona... Driver License State:

Enter your Driver License Number as it appears on your Driver License... Driver License Number:

Enter the date you received the Citation/Complaint/Ticket in the form mm/dd/yyyy ... Complaint Date:

Please be advised that this verification process is completed through the Arizona Supreme Court Defensive Driving database, and from time to time the automated system will falsely report one as eligible when they are actually ineligible. While this is a rare ocurrance, upon registration, we will notify you within 48 hours should you in fact be ineligible.